EVOLATING – Consciously Engaging in Your Own Transformation

Evolating is the process by which people achieve, sustain, and continuously create great lives of lifelong transformation – lives of increasingly greater satisfaction and fulfillment in all areas. This exciting process marks the distinction between growth and true transformation, between doing something you haven’t done before and becoming someone beyond your former imagining. Evolating defines the path of consciously engaging in your own transformation as you help others to transform and maximize their potential.

Evolating explains and predicts why some individuals experience bigger lives, greater motivation, seemingly boundless energy, greater optimism and enthusiasm and a sense of abundant potential, while others seem to languish or achieve less than desired results, despite applying the same resources, energy, and time to similar activities. It explains why some organizations and businesses thrive, and have vibrant, engaged, fully striving employees with a sense or purpose and commitment, while other organizations seem mired in dysfunction with unmotivated employees with lackluster performance and little sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Evolating can be used as a map to guide transformation and a diagnostic tool to pinpoint where an individual’s development may be impeded. It can also be applied to larger systems or sets of systems, such as organizations and institutions, particularly where there is a declared mission or commitment to a higher purpose.

Evolating is comprised of six phases – Yearning, Engaging, Revelating, Liberating, Rematrixing, and Dedicating.


During the weekend, you learn to tap the deeper Yearnings you have every moment and learn to Engage in new, more effective ways. You will Revelate, discovering new things about yourself you have never known before. You then Liberate and engage in new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. You will then Rematrix, actually developing new neural pathways, thereby transforming. When you Dedicate, you can make these changes permanent.

Nov. 10-12

Can't make it to the Nov. training?

  • January 12-14
  • March 9-11