I’m creative. I love beautiful things and beautiful spaces. As an interior designer, my business is about being with people in their intimate spaces and understanding them to create a space they can thrive in. I’ve had a historical habit of being shy and I came to Wright wanting something else. I wanted to have an edge. It’s when I started doing the work here that I realized a lot about myself.

I grew up as the good girl. Everyone who knew me thought I was cute and sweet, but never really expected much out of me. I was dependent on my relationships and it wasn’t until I started doing the Year of Transformation that I saw how I was living my life in the past and how it wasn’t taking me anywhere I wanted. I was opened up to a whole new way of living. The more I started to learn here, the more I saw myself start to transform along with my life and the people around me.

“I’ve had a historical habit of being shy, and my business is about being with people. The more I started to learn, the more I saw my business was growing.”

My life is completely different than when I first entered those doors to attend the Foundations Training. I have a brand new job that doesn’t just involve designing, but I manage a team and track projects and I’m the one people look to for direction. I’m also recently divorced now, but I don’t feel the need to find someone else to take care of me. I can be by myself and take care of myself and I used to think I wouldn’t be able to do that. I never considered myself to be associated with the words powerful and motivating. Now, I see myself as an influential and inspirational woman and this is only the beginning.